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Blokletters is a facade letters & signage publicity company that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to our customers and the world.

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We have advanced production equipment and testing systems to ensure that every product is in accordance with the quality standards.

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Our company has a professional industrial production line, which devotes to the manufacture of high quality and high-performance products for many years.
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You’ll get a perfect fit for your business.

We work to understand your vision by utilizing our past experience servicing brands and creating the best façade letters & signage publicity company solution for your business. Our brand management team works with you in creating the best façade letters & signage solution for your business.

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Question and answers

Asked Questions

1) If you have the design,contact us, send it to us, and then we will arrange production. - Please send the design to me with total size. - Tell me which it the style that you want. - Please tell me where and how do you want we send it.
2) If you do not have the design.please contact us, tell us the style you like, tell us what's the content, we arrange professional designers to arrange for you, and arrange your production after you get your satisfaction. - Tell me the content and the wall size. - Tell me the style that you want. - Tell me where and how do you want we send it.

It is about 7-10 days for the production, and 5-7 days for delivery. For mass production is about 15 days and the transport time by sea will be different for different areas.
Inside is the protective EPE box and individual carton box, outside is strong wooden package for gaint letters with metal strip outside.
We can send the items by air express if the quantity is small. If the quantity is a lot, we advise transport by boat, air express is fast but expensive, by boat is cheap but slow.